Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stretching and Staying in Bed

Unknown to everyone, except my boyfriend and my closest officemate/seatmate, I have taken up Yoga. Thanks to this thing that I stumbled upon on Pinterest, I have filled my early mornings with a better thing to do than watch TV.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Last Saturday afternoon I came home to the sad news that my 5 year old Maltese, Watson, has passed away due to Canine distemper and complications brought about by severe anemia. It turns out that he left us at 6AM but my parents decided to keep it from me until I got home from an engagement. They knew it was going to ruin my day. I wasn't even completely settled in and my bag was still slung to my shoulder when my granny decided to break it to me gently by saying, "Wala na si Watson" (Watson's no longer with us) to which I replied "Oo nga daw. 'Di ba nasa vet?" (Yes, I heard. Isn't he in the vet?) I knew at the back of my mind that something was up but I didn't want to acknowledge it. As if noticing my apprehension, she quickly corrected me with her signature "subtlety" and said "Patay na si Watson"(Watson is dead). I just stood there in the living room trying to think of a retort but all I could think of was "Okay" and I rushed to my parents' room (to cry, obviously!)

Monday, March 3, 2014

A "Hello" Seems To Be In Order

Most of the blogs that I've read plunge into the intimidating world of blogging by introducing the human behind it and laying out the facts that urged him or her to write. As a baptism of fire and as a toast to my predecessors, here goes mine.