Most of the blogs that I've read plunge into the intimidating world of blogging by introducing the human behind it and laying out the facts that urged him or her to write. As a baptism of fire and as a toast to my predecessors, here goes mine.

I am a recent college graduate (almost 2 years, as of writing) working at a Manila-based advertising agency, which believes that "Creativity has the power to transform human behavior" (bet ya Googled that). I think in shapes and patterns although I appreciate the way a string of letters form words and how some words sound pleasant when they're paired up. I like making lists and checking them twice, thrice, even four times! Maybe I just happen to like the action of ticking something out. I like the smell of coffee in the morning even though I couldn't drink it. My Myers-Briggs exam results says I am an ESFJ.
Ola! Do you like my mustachio?

One morning I woke up with the strange recognition that I spend most of my waking hours obsessing about several different endings to a decision that I made at work, what emails I might've forgotten to send, what JO's have I left unattended, what other things my team can do better... and the list goes on. (I'm thinking about acquiring new clients as I type, in case you're wondering) While I extremely enjoy what I do, I also realize that my life exists beyond the confines of my desk. In an attempt to prove to myself that I can still maintain a separate life and break away from routine, I decided to make anecdotes of the activities that keep me busy beyond my weekday routine. This blog will house those anecdotes for my future reference and occasional laughs.

I decided to name my blog "BEYOND EIGHT TO FIVE" even though my work really starts at nine and ends (WAY) beyond six. I wanted it to be a reminder of daily routine and my effort to find ways to circumvent it, plus it has a nicer ring to it.

So, let me tell you what goes beyond eight to five - my stories, (mis)adventures and my daily struggle to live a life once the fluorescent lights dim out and the huge rolling door closes.

Time to go,

Shaved and all clean!

(Lastly, I used Helvetica. Heh. Get over it! Haha!)

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